Houston teenager uses gun to stop two men who broke into his home

From KTRK in Houston:
A Fort Bend County teenager fought back Friday after two strangers broke into his home. One suspect is now dead and a second is on the run. . . . 
Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office deputies were called to the home just after 3pm for a reported home invasion. Investigators said it's the home of veteran Houston police officer Ken Patmon. 
Patmon's 18-year-old son was home alone when he heard a noise. There were two men pounding on the front door, but he didn't answer. They then went around to the back of the house. 
Patmon said his son called him when the trouble started.
"He called me and told me about it," the homeowner said. "Not long after that, two unknown suspects entered our home without permission." 
The men allegedly forced their way inside, meeting the teen head-on. 
"My son, trying to defend his home and himself, he discharged my firearm, striking one of the suspects," Patmon said. 
The shot suspect died inside the home. The second suspect fled the scene. 
"This is our home, and he's my son," Patmon said. "If I'm not there to protect him, we try to teach our children to do what's right, and I just thank God that he's OK." . . .



Blogger Mahlon said...

Seems good from this end. I wouldn't have done it any different. In California they're rehabilitating Pedro Vicente Aguirre making another monster like they did with Richard Allen Davis. They use them to SKIRT for entertainment. Just take'm out.

10/06/2013 1:13 AM  

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