Zero Tolerance getting even more bizarre: Virginia Beach, Virginia Public School expels student for playing with toy gun on his own property

I already thought that zero tolerance policies were nuttier than I would have imagined when I grew up.  But how can the public school expell a seventh grade student based on what he does on his own property on his own time?  From WAVY.com (Channel 10 TV):
A suspended seventh grade Virginia Beach student will find out soon if he is expelled for the rest of the year for shooting an airsoft gun. 
Like thousands of others in Hampton Roads, Khalid Caraballo plays with airsoft guns. Caraballo and his friend Aidan were suspended because they shot two other friends who were with them while playing with the guns as they waited for the school bus. 
The two seventh graders say they never went to the bus stop; they fired the airsoft guns while on Caraballo's private property. 
Aidan’s father, Tim Clark, told WAVY.com what happened next lacks commons sense. The children were suspended for possession, handling and use of a firearm. 
Khalid's mother, Solangel Caraballo, thinks it is ridiculous the Virginia Beach City Public School System suspended her 13-year-old son and Aidan because they were firing a spring-driven airsoft gun on the Caraballo's posted private property.  "My son is my private property.  He does not become the school's property until he goes to the bus stop, gets on the bus, and goes to school." 
The bus stop in question is 70 yards from the Caraballo's front yard. . . .



Blogger Unknown said...

I dare you to go through the penal files of one California school I double dog dare you! You would have an aneurism at the first student file. There is a huge debate (mostly at echo chamber PTA meetings) about whether or not schools have right to regulate “school related offenses” the bus stop has long been the sovereign territory of the little fascist dictatorships that pass for elementary schools these days be glad the bastards don’t have a swat team they would use it.

9/24/2013 1:55 AM  
Blogger Levi Nilsson said...

This trend of school based regulation and conformity is of great concern to my family. I do not condone anyone shooting another person with ANY device, but AirSoft is specifically designed for this purpose, as are paint guns and similar equipment. The failing here, in my opinion, lies with the parents. The kids should not have access to these "toys" without parental supervision. The danger is real, but having the school intervene is not reasonable. Parents, get involved. Talk to and spend time with your children. Teach them how to use these tools effectively and responsibly. Schools, stay out of my home life.

9/24/2013 1:40 PM  
Blogger Hobie said...

Does this mean that the school can suspend the student for attending a Boy Scout camp where he fired a rifle or shotgun? Could he/she be expelled for hunting? For handling a knife at home in the kitchen? This is not a good development/evolution of the zero tolerance policy.

9/27/2013 8:53 PM  

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