"The Fog of War" cartoon by POLITICO's Matt Wuerker on Obama's confused and tangled rhetoric

I rarely would post a cartoon, but this one by POLITICO's Matt Wuerker is pretty good.

Politico also has an article about the difficult time liberal Democrats might have in supporting the war. As one of the comments after the piece noted: "The Democrats are so obviously hypocritical voting for action on Syria, after recently castigating Bush for going after Saddam who gassed thousands. Boxer, Reid, Pelosi and Kerry, now are all suddenly hawks. And what happens to all of those weapons if the opposition gets them? Have these guys learned nothing from Egypt. And now to see Obama once again trying to backpedal on his comments about a 'red line'...truly priceless. Every Democrat running around trying to save face for their hero."

A third Politico post has this:
Recently retired CENTCOM commander James Mattis warned Saturday that a limited U.S. intervention in Syria will be costly and ineffective, while he also suggested that the U.S. public is not invested enough in resolving the fight there to support broader U.S. involvement. 
"We all want to do something to stop this but...we have no moral obligation to do the impossible and hawk our children's future just because we have the desire to do something," Mattis said at the Aspen Security Forum. "When you go to war, it cant be a half step." 
"If Americans take ownership of this, this is going to be a full-throated, very, very serious war. Anyone who says this is going to be easy or a no-fly zone is going to be cheap, I would discount that at the outset," the retired four-star Marine general said. . . .



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