Even the head of the AFL-CIO claims that Obamacare is forcing employers to cut back workers to just 29.5 hours of work

RICHARD TRUMKA, PRESIDENT AFL-CIO: The Affordable Care Act does need some modifications to it, because as it does right now, what's happening is, you have employers that the law says if you pay your, if your employees work 30 hours or more a week, you've got to give them healthcare. So they're restructuring their workforce to give workers 29 and a half hours so they don't have to provide them healthcare. They’re also doing some taxing to nonprofit plans to pay for for-profit plans.
It is surprising to see Trumka speak out against the current law.  Possibly the AFL-CIO is risking other unions leaving just as the International Longshore and Warehouse Union has parted ways with the AFL-CIO.

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Blogger dwb said...

"It is surprising to see Trumka speak out against the current law"

uh, I thought most of the unions were also against the law because it taxes golden/cadillac health insurance plans. So I am not surprised at all to see unions against the plan. Of course, they are not going to come out and directly say we are against the plan because it taxes the golden plans of our members, that would be a bit to self serving even for them, and draw attention to the benefits that us regular corporate working stiffs don't get. They'll just pile on to other criticisms where they can.

9/04/2013 3:53 PM  

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