Dem State Senator Angela Giron, one of the senators recalled last night, said if even one seat lost Bloomberg's group "might as well fold it up"

Presumably Giron was trying to goad Bloomberg to try to help her out more, but it wouldn't have been a credible threat if her statement didn't have some truth to it.  From the Business Insider:
On the right, gun-rights advocates delivered a brutal hit to Bloomberg's Mayors Against Illegal Guns. Angela Giron, one of the state senators who was recalled, told the New Republic last month that if even one seat was lost, MAIG "might as well fold it up." If nothing else, the results will likely lead to major pause from state legislators looking to tackle gun-control issues, especially in purple states. . . .
The New Republic piece doesn't have that excuse, except for maybe the motivation of scaring Democrats into donating money.  But here is their title for their piece: "This Local Election Could Determine the Future of Gun Control Why Michael Bloomberg has gone all-in on a Colorado race."



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