Are politics dumbing down America's courts?

Tucker Carlson interviewed me on Fox & Friends on Saturday morning about "Dumbing Down the Courts."

This is also pretty neat: "As seen on the show."



Blogger Unknown said...

I recorded the show. Great points, logical, factual and informative. Want to interview you on my show and TRN next week. Please have your publisher Sent me a copy of The Brink and Are Politics....

9/22/2013 9:39 AM  
Blogger Martin G. Schalz said...

I am of the belief that the dumbing down of America's Courts is a deliberate means to impose left wing ideological attacks upon our Constitution in order to obtain more control over 'We the People'.

Let's suppose that the more radical Dems cannot force unconstitutional changes upon us via legislation, so they resort to having the courts do it for them, which obsolves them from any blame for what occurs...

9/23/2013 1:32 PM  

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