Realistic guns made from Lego?

Ever wondered how to make realistic looking guns out of LEGO?  Well here is your chance (see here).    In some sense, this is like the debate over 3D printed guns.  We regulate toy guns so that they don't look like guns, but people find ways to make guns through other ways.

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Blogger Unknown said...

Could we see the advent of the Block 17? or the Block 21 or any other model of Glock in lego?

I'm now awaiting the "Child Suspended From School For Lego Gun" stories to commence.

The new plastic Liberator 3D printed gun does looks a lot like a toy in my opinion although the government have now stepped in and banned the download of the plans for making it, citing the UN Small Arms Treaty I believe.

There are plans and schematics all over the web for conventional firearms so I imagine that the fact they have jumped on this one is because it was receiving a lot of media attention and the "have to do something" element had to jump in both feet first to stop it.

From what I understand, it having a metal firing pin makes it somewhat detectable and especially if walking through a metal detector at an airport or somewhere similar. For those who might argue that it could pass through undetected in places without metal detectors, the same argument can be made for a conventional firearm.

The plans were supposedly downloaded over 100,000 times in 2 days and have already been uploaded to file sharing networks and torrent sites such as piratebay according to some media sources.

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