Is gun control an issue that Democrats want to win or just campaign on?

President Obama claims that those who oppose the Senate gun control bill didn't want to "protect the lives of all our children," so if the president is recruiting candidates who oppose that legislation, doesn't that mean that Obama is supporting candidates who don't value protecting the lives of all our children.  From The Hill newspaper:

Democratic leaders are wooing staunchly pro-gun candidates to run in pivotal Senate races at the same time they are discussing a strategy for bringing gun control legislation back up for debate. 
The two-pronged effort has prompted Republicans to accuse the Senate Democratic leadership of hypocrisy, but Democrats say it is simply smart politics. 
The question is whether two of the Democrats’ most promising potential candidates in Montana and South Dakota will pay a price for the leadership’s political maneuverings in Washington. Or will recruiting candidates who do not support President Obama’s gun control agenda have any effect on Democratic fundraising efforts? 
Brad Dayspring, the communications director for the National Republican Senatorial Committee, took a swipe at Democrats for playing both sides of the gun issue. 
“Washington Democrats preach gun control, but are recruiting adamantly pro-gun candidates like Schweitzer & Herseth-Sandlin. Can't be both,” he posted on Twitter. . . .



Blogger John A said...

Can't be both.

Sure you can. After all, Mayor Bloomberg is on record as claiming to be a major supporter of the Second Amendment.

4/29/2013 5:21 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Really how smart are the Dem's actually being here. Isn't it a good response from any GOP candidate (with the same or better NRA rating) to say "look, I understand that Dem candidate/incumbent X is personally good on the Second Amendment, but if you elect him/her they are going to be subject to enormous pressure from their party to restrict your 2A rights. So you just can't trust them on this."

5/05/2013 7:51 PM  

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