Senator Schumer says that background checks are unenforceable without gun registration

Schumer is apparently going forward with an expanded background check bill without any Republican co-sponsors.  I would guess that makes it likely that the bill will die.  From The Hill newspaper:
Schumer has negotiated for weeks with Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) to reach a bipartisan deal on background checks, but the talks stalled over the thorny question of how to implement an expansion of background checks. 
Schumer argues expanded background checks are unenforceable unless sellers or gun dealers who perform the checks are required to keep records. Coburn says gun owners will not accept the bureaucratic onus of keeping paperwork for exercising their Second Amendment rights. . . .

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Blogger Brad_in_IL said...

As a Jew, Sen. Schumer had better know that the Nazi regime used the gun registration listings from the Weimar Republic for confiscation. Too bad the sheep in NY keep putting that waste of human space back into the senate. As an American, A Jew, and a gun owner, NEVER AGAIN really does mean NEVER AGAIN. At least for me.

3/07/2013 9:33 AM  

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