Chicago makes it even more costly to own a gun

What are the police going to do with this information?  Is it going to help them solve any crimes?  Hardly.  The claim might be that there are individuals who are serving as straw purchasers for guns to criminals, and that this will stop the criminals from getting guns.  Here is a question: if a complete handgun ban in Chicago for almost 30 years didn't stop Chicago criminals from getting guns, why would this Chicago law stop criminals in Chicago from getting guns?  In case you were wondering whether this might then work if the entire nation adopted Chicago's new law see this discussion available here.  From the local ABC TV station in Chicago:
. . . Now, harsher penalties are in place for people who do not report the loss, theft, destruction or transfer of a gun within 48 hours.
The maximum penalty is a $5,000 fine, plus six months in jail. . . .

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