Obama doesn't care about court decisions or laws and basically says he will do whatever he wants and opponents will have to sue him

With the National Labor Relations Board losing its case, the Obama administration has basically ignored the Appeals Court decision.  There are many similar cases.  Here is another example involving the same Appeals Court.  From Fox News:
. . . An oil industry representative said the Obama administration was thumbing its nose at a ruling last week by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia. The court threw out the 2012 mandate for cellulosic biofuels, saying it was based on wishful thinking rather than accurate estimates for an industry the Obama administration wants to encourage. Administration officials have said that increased use of biofuels could lower greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global warming, as well as lower U.S. dependence on foreign fuel. 
"The court recognized the absurdity of fining companies for failing to use a nonexistent biofuel," said Bob Greco, director of downstream operations for the American Petroleum Institute, the principal lobbying group for the oil and gas industry. 
Greco said he was astonished that EPA would nearly double the mandate for biofuel in 2013. "EPA needs a serious reality check," he said, calling the mandate a "stealth tax on gasoline" and an "egregious example of bad public policy." 
EPA spokeswoman Julia Valentine said the agency believes the proposed standards "are a reasonable representation of expected production" of biofuels this year. 
"This projection reflects EPA's current estimate of what will actually happen in 2013," she said, adding that EPA will consider public comments before setting the final cellulosic standard. . . .

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Blogger Martin G. Schalz said...

I am not an economist by any stretch of the imagination, but in my former line of work I dealt with identifying patterns in the system, so that solutions could be applied.

In this case, the pattern has been evident from the beginning of this administration. Obama is a fine example of the arrogance of ignorance, and Charles Krauthammer has been one individual who has described Obama to a 'T', yet the mainstream media ignores this.

The disturbing pattern trend here, has been seen time and again in history. I call it dictatorship.

2/01/2013 2:24 PM  

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