Errors in Colorado's background check system

I am not sure how worthwhile these numbers are by themselves because if the Colorado system is at all similar to the federal system, a lot of the cases are dropped by internal reviews at the federal level.   Do they have the same type of dropped denials in Colorado?  At the federal level 94% of the initial denials are dropped at the first stage of review. Without knowing that information, the comparisons in the article between the federal and state systems are pretty useless.
But the system — federal or local — is only as good as the data placed in it. About 58.8 percent of denials that were appealed in Colorado were overturned. Between 2000 and 2009, 31.9 percent of 17,355 denials were appealed. 
Point-of-contact states during the period denied 2.1 percent of applicants. Of those who appealed, 43.8 percent were reversed. Among states that use only the FBI's NICS, 1.4 percent of applications were denied and 30.1 percent of appeals were overturned, according to Justice Department statistics. . . . 



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