A useful analysis of Obama's Speech on Gun Control in Minnesota

Powerlineblog has a useful discussion of Obama's dishonest gun control speech on Monday (click here).  It is amazing that he can make so many false statements in a speech and yet the media isn't pointing out all these errors.

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Blogger Unknown said...

I've got a strong gut level sense that our blankety-blank opponents are "currently" pretending to honor the second amendment and "currently" refraining from futher demonizing handguns, only because we "currently" have the supreme court edge 5/4. One more of Obama's "common sense" nominations (like his last two) and THEY have the EDGE 5/4. I certainly don't pretend to be a lawyer, but isn't the constitution WHAT THE SUPREME COURT SAYS IT IS?
Won't that kind of change EVERYTHING?

2/05/2013 3:46 PM  
Blogger Martin G. Schalz said...

Obama's pattern on all of his agendas is quite clear. Mob Rule. That's what got him into office the first time, the second time, and he's still relying on it to promote unlawful attacks on the Constitution.

The U.S. is a Constitutional Republic that limits the authority of our elected officials, and is structured to prevent mob rule because mob rule leads to tyranny. Many a dictator has come into power due to this.

Many folks wrongly believe that the U.S. is a Democracy and Obama uses this misconception to get the tacit approval of the citizens to do all sorts of things. Drone Strikes on American Citizens without due process. Unlawfull appointments. Wiretaps. Attacks on the Freedom of Religion. Ignoring the Separation of Powers clause,
and the list goes on.

The axiom of "What do men with power want? More power." This sums up Obama nicely.

What I fail to understand is the media and our so called intelligentsia.

The media does not condemn these wrongs. The people, if they do condemn this, do not have a voice because the mainstream media does not allow anti Obama speech on the airwaves. If a Rebublican enaged in the same behaviours as Obama does, they would crucify said Republican. Our self proclaimed intelligentsia act in the same fashion and blindly support Obama and ignore facts at the expense of our rights that many have fought and died to protect.

What the media and intelligentsia fail to recognize is history has proven time and again that when a dictator takes over, they are the first ones to be arrested, imprisoned, and murdered which is quite easy to do after the entire populace has been disarmed.

What form of madness afflicts those who support Obama's lies?

I do not know.

2/06/2013 11:46 AM  

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