More on that 5th grade girl who was brutalized by the public school for taking a paper "gun" to school

It is a real tragedy to have this young girl carrying a piece of paper (see below) is being taunted as "murderer" by her fellow students.  Is it necessary to do a search of the girl in front of her class because they want to see if she were carrying real weapons?  Seriously?  Here is a picture of the dangerous piece of paper that young 5th grade student Melody Valentin brought to school.

From FoxNews.com:
The School District of Philadelphia is defending its decision to scold and search an elementary school student who pulled out a paper gun in class.
A district spokesman said the school acted swiftly and appropriately when 5th grade student Melody Valentin allegedly told classmates she had a handgun on her, MyFoxPhilly.com reported.
Melody and her mother, Dianna Kelly, deny she ever used the word “handgun.”
According to Kelly, Melody realized she had the paper gun with her and put it on her desk while preparing to throw it away. Melody’s grandfather, a marine specializing in firearms reportedly gave it to her the day before.
A classmate spotted the piece of paper and contacted administrators.
"He yelled at me and said I shouldn't have brought the gun to school and I kept telling him it was a paper gun but he wouldn't listen," Melody told MyFoxPhilly.com. . . .



Blogger Pauli said...

What a bunch of wusses. I doubt this thing could even shoot. We used to make paper air planes, helicopters that actually flew. The planes were pointy on the end and could do some real damage at close range. The helicopters were armed with paper clips made from weapons-grade steel.

1/26/2013 7:47 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Boy Dr. Lott - I heard about this incident on the news but I'm glad you showed us that TERRIFYING LOOKING (paper) WEAPON. I'm sure that the school authorities REACTED APPROPRIATELY. Thanks also for actually linking us to the Fox channel so that we could actually SEE first hand that MENACING YOUNG FEMALE TERRORIST who disruped her school in this sensitive time. HOW COULD SHE HAVE BEEN SO THOUGHTLESS?
[Please God, I hope you know this is "tongue in cheek"!]

Why have I been thinking to myself so much lately "they have to be OUT OF THEIR MINDS"? I think it's because THEY ARE!

1/27/2013 8:11 AM  
Blogger Masterspydog said...

this shows the total stuipity of the "PC" police and the admins of our school systems. if they spent MORE TIME and MONEY on teaching students to read/ write and math/science then the USA wouldn't be in the bottom of the world' education

1/27/2013 11:57 AM  
Blogger Steve Sorensen said...

All along, gun owners have been told that they are filled with paranoia. Who is really paranoid?

1/27/2013 12:14 PM  
Blogger RS said...

Once again, the wisdom of allowing morons and ideologues to run our education system is called into question.

Sadly, they will remain in charge.

1/27/2013 12:37 PM  
Blogger Martin G. Schalz said...

Oh my God! That weapon can cause hundreds of paper cuts in a matter of seconds!

We all should be thankful for the School District of Philadelphia for stopping this potential mass paper cutting!

1/28/2013 1:56 PM  

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