Number of Concealed Handgun Permits in New Mexico Increases

With its very high fee for the permits and the 15-hour training requirement, New Mexico is one of the most difficult right-to-carry states to get a concealed handgun permit.  Still, while the total number of permits is low, there has been a substantial increase in the number of permits.  Just since 2009, there has been a 50 percent increase in permits statewide.  From the Las Cruces Sun-News:
New Mexico
2007: 7,000
2009: 16,708
2012: 25,109
— Source: New Mexico Department of Public Safety



Blogger Chas said...

A woman should pay a high fee and have 15 hours of training to shoot a rapist off of her? Why do we impose these barriers to the defense of our selves and our lives?

1/20/2013 7:41 PM  

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