Background checks have "no impact," "zero" costs on law-abiding?

No costs?  Seriously? There are delays for the even the checks that aren't eventually denied, simply because many take up to three days to process.  Virtually all the background check denials are also mistakes and thus add weeks or months before people are able to obtain guns for self defense.  For most people this delay will simply be an inconvenience, but for some it will make the crucial difference over their safety.  Vice President Joe Biden has this claim:
“There should be universal background checks, universal background checks,” Biden said. “It in no way impacts upon someone’s ability under the Constitution to own a gun. Zero, zero. It’s enforcing a law – some folks say, ‘Look, just enforce the laws that are on the books.’ Well, the first step to do that is put a law on the books that says all those folks that have adjudicated incapable of owning a gun under the law, make sure we have access to their names. That’s why there is a need for universal background checks.” . . .

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Blogger Magnafan said...

Canadian law seems to be the model for most of what Cuomo wants to "accomplish". What will it be like in NY State? Background checks? From the start of the process, it takes months for a Canadian to obtain a Firearms Acquisition and Possession License. For a licensed Canadian to obtain an authorization to transport the restricted firearm (handgun in most cases) from the retailer to his/her residence takes weeks in Ontario now.
Then, storage laws make it almost impossible to defend one's family against a home invasion.

1/26/2013 9:47 AM  

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