Discussion on Megan Kelly's show over new gun control laws


Blogger Suburban said...

"You can use all the facts you want," but it doesn't change the fact that the media and leftist politicians have whipped naive people into a froth, convincing them that we need more gun control anyway, even if it won't help.

12/23/2012 2:27 PM  
Blogger KJQ13 said...

She said: "Let's let the experts decide", completely ignoring the fact that Dr. Lott is an expert (I would say THE expert). The more I listen to debates on gun control, the more I realize it's one side arguing from facts/logic/reason, and the other side arguing from raw emotion and sentiment.

12/23/2012 4:59 PM  
Blogger Mandragoran said...

Back in 1984, I asked another one of those professors whether I could still cite his work as coming from a Certifiable Eastern Establishment Liberal University, when his conclusions were so conservative. He told me that he and his colleagues, being good liberals, and gun control being the acid test of liberalism, applied for a grant with the plan that they would go through the statistics and establish the foundation for gun control once and for all, but they found instead that there wasn't any. I am impressed with their integrity, publishing what the found instead of what they hoped to find. BTW, I suspect that one reason why the liberals in politics and the news media have not listened to their fellow liberals in academia is that they have misunderstood the message. They see the research with negative conclusions as trashing their core mythology that we should pass more gun control laws even if only one life is saved. The papers I have read do not deny that possibility; they just show that in order to try to save that one life we disarm millions of ordinary people who do not murder anyone, and thereby make us easier to rob or murder.

12/24/2012 7:02 AM  
Blogger ToryII said...

The antigun Left will tell any lie neccessary to win. If the economy goes bad they will easily blame it on the Right (on Romney types and on the Capitalists). There will be plenty on the Right to help them win. For example, there are thousands of right-wing cop-collaborators who will help police ban public gun possession. It won't be long; one more shooting of kids and the Public will demand an end to gun possession by anyone but cops and soldiers. Just like in Ireland, the British police helped each side target kids in their bombings, and then the conflict was over.

No person will ever believe the police used kids as targets.

12/26/2012 11:23 PM  

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