CNN's continued false claims about murder in UK after handgun ban

Here is an interview that I had on December 17th with Becky Anderson and Roland Martin.  Becky claimed: "John Lott, I think that you are massaging the stats."  She also asserted that the murders fell in the UK after the January 1997 handgun ban in the UK.  I suppose that by the end of the interview I was sufficiently stumped about how I was going to convince the audience that they were just making up claims about UK's murder rate.  Here is what I wrote up regarding a very similar discussion that I had with Piers Morgan and Christiane Amanpour.

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Blogger Unknown said...

Is it yet clear to you that the pro gun side of this argument is going to lose?
Its not because youre incorrect in your logic or in your thought processes. Its not because you dont have the correct thesis or even because you do not have the correct prescription to solve the problems.
The pro gun side will lose for the same reason Republicans are losing (and will continue to lose) the economic debate. You keep trying to speak Chinese to Italians.
The people you are arguing with are emotionally founded right brained people who do not have any interest in looking at your charts or graphs unless they show that some unheard of type of frog is going to be kept from mating unless we stop big oil from drilling in Alaska.
Emotional people do not hear logic. In fact, it is probably more correct to say that they CANNOT hear logic and it make any sense.

Try posing this argument to an anti-gun leftist:
"Do you think if we posted 'gun free zone' laws around banks and promoted that it was lunacy to have any armed guards inside the bank that attempted armed robberies of banks would increase or decrease?"
Most liberals I have asked that question to respond with:
a)that argument is stupid
b) do you think hunters should be able to own nuclear weapons too????

The gun owners of America and people who are for liberty deserve a better argument than this pathetic attempt being made today.

Where are the questions back to these commentators?
"Mr Morgan, are you aware that gun registration violates the Constitution of the USA? Do you really believe that the people of the USA are going to vote to alter the 2nd AND 5th Amendments to the Constitution?"
(Thats right, the 5th Amendment prevents gun registration. Look it up, its already been decided by the supreme court.)

You MUST find a surrogate that can deliver the message of pro gun ownership immediately. This person must be of a kind but politically savage nature and be beyond reproach. And most importantly, able to provide an emotional bond to the women and liberal men (I dont mean to repeat myself) of this country. We must bring forward the notion that you should never have heard the name Adam Lanza other than in the context of a simple local headline which read "Armed guard shoots deranged man attempting to harm children" And yes, that should be a reason to bring the TV trucks to CT. To have the guard on TV and to present him with a medal. We should, at each and every turn, bring up local men and women (they are NOT heroes) and show that they protected their families from severe harm, and they protected other families, by using proper force when forced to do so.
We should have video expose showing what its like when you drive into a neighborhood where 4 out of 10 houses have signs in the window declaring 'gun free home'

We as logical men and women are running out of time to stop the emotional from invoking another prohibition period of violence upon the entire country as they have done in Chicago and California.
To the liberal the only way to resolve the ills of mankind is to reject reality and un-eat the apple of original sin. You continue showing your charts and graphs to that child sitting there screaming and flailing and covering his ears. When you are finished with your logical presentation of ideas, the child will have heard none of it. They can scream louder and longer than you can. Gotcha politics plays well in the age of the low information voter.

John, you are missing the boat and time you stepped away from the front line. Its time to hire Frank Luntz and win this debate before we are all speaking Italian.

12/23/2012 10:26 AM  
Blogger Chas said...

They're not interested in facts; they want to ban guns regardless of the facts.
As for Roland’s disingenuous claim that ". . . you have people walking around who say, ‘Oh, no, I need an assault weapon style gun, I need an assault weapon to go hunting.’" I haven't seen anyone making that claim at all - not one person. That claim is a paper tiger ruse that the antis set up, so that they can knock it down, and thus appear to have defeated the argument against a gun ban.
As we know, the primary purpose of the right to bear arms is not hunting, and I haven’t seen anyone directly claiming that it is, not even the antis. However, the anti-rights people are dishonestly implying that it is about hunting, so they can say that no one needs an assault rifle to hunt. It's a self-serving lie on their part that they’re using to advance their gun ban agenda.
For hunting, we can use bows and arrows, but we can’t resist armed criminals or an out of control government with bows and arrows. We need our modern rifles to protect the most important things in our lives - our lives themselves, our families, and our freedom as Americans.
If they take our most effective guns away from us, the next thing that they can take away from us is anything that they want to take - and there are no limits to what they can then take away from us - no limits at all. Imagine the horror of that, and we know from history how horrible the horrors can be.

12/23/2012 10:45 AM  
Blogger Suburban said...

I completely agree with Chris Pickering, which is why I have been getting headaches, have been having trouble sleeping, and have been doing my best to avoid news outlets. Logical arguments just bounce off these people. I feel the need to do SOMETHING, I'm just at a loss on what that might be. Mark Twain said, "Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience." I don't know how to win this fight, and it's really frustrating.

12/23/2012 2:11 PM  

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