Tim Allen: "Rather them than the government . . . You Better Give Your Money Away Before It Gets Taken from you"

Tim Allen closet conservative?

Allen apparently got some jokes in his TV show about the election, though ABC found it necessary to require some political balance.  How many shows have they invoked that rule in the past?  From the New York Post:
A rare Republican in Democrat-loving Hollywood — let alone in prime time — Allen delivers a comic smackdown in the season premiere of his ABC sitcom, “Last Man Standing.” . . .Allen said there are plenty of jokes aimed at Romney — because the network thought it was necessary to give the show some balance.
Salon notes: 
And yet, despite being superficially a show about a strident, forceful libertarian, “Last Man Standing” consistently preaches compromise. (In this way, “Last Man Standing,” a show that seems more conservative than it actually is . . .) 



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