"Napolitano: Obama’s Plan to Waive Welfare Work Requirements is Illegal and Unconstitutional"

Judge Napolitano doesn't pull any punches:
. . . A report from the non-partisan Government Accountability Office reveals that members of the administration don’t even have the authority to change the work requirements, yet the Obama administration plans to move forward anyway. Are they breaking the law?
Judge Andrew Napolitano weighed in on Fox and Friends this morning, and said, “The short answer is they are breaking the law.”
He said there’s definitely a precedent for the executive branch to interfere a bit with the manner in which laws are enforced, but in this case the president is ignoring a clause that was one of the great accomplishments of the partnership between Bill Clinton and Newt Gingrich, which required welfare recipients to work.
“It’s wrong, it’s illegal, it’s unconstitutional, but he’ll get away with it. He has very little respect for the Congress, very little respect for the Constitution, very little respect for laws that he disagrees with.” . . .

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