Mexico doesn't appear to be satisfied with the Obama administration's report on Fast & Furious

It isn't obvious to me why anyone should just accept the Obama administration's report.  And the Mexican government surely isn't taking their word as the final word on the subject.  From Fox News:

Mexico's Attorney General's Office said it is studying a U.S. Justice Department report on Operation Fast and Furious, a federal undercover sting that allegedly allowed some 2,000 weapons to be smuggled south of the border. 
The AG's office said Friday in a statement that "the introduction of weapons into the nation's territory without compliance with applicable legal requirements constitutes a crime." 
"Therefore, it is incumbent on the AG's office to determine whether as a consequence of 'Fast and Furious' this crime was committed, independent of the conclusions of the U.S. Justice Department's Office of the Inspector General," it added. 
A careful analysis of that report is being conducted to determine if it can "provide information within the scope of previous relevant inquiries," the AG's office said.
It noted that "there are also institutional channels for the exchange of information with the U.S. authorities." . . .



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