Push for more gun control in New York

Here are some of the proposals.  My question is a simple one: Does anyone believe that these proposals would have done anything to have stopped the recent attacks that supposedly justifies them?
Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, a Democrat, supported tougher gun control measures during his campaign in 2010, but, facing a divided Legislature, he has not made it one of the central elements of his legislative agenda. Asked about the newly proposed gun measures, his spokesman, Josh Vlasto, said Monday, “While there are many proposals that will be considered during the legislative session, everyone agrees that something must be done to stop the violence.” . . .
Here are some proposals:
State Senator José R. Peralta, Democrat of Queens, would limit ammunition sales to 500 rounds per customer each month. . . . 
The Colorado killer planned his attack at least four months in advance.  Could he have planned it so as to spread out his purchases?  On the other hand, what about a Boy Scout troop that wants to go out for a shooting trip?  Believe it or not, 500 rounds is not a lot.
Senator Gianaris, the lawmaker seeking to limit firearm purchases to one per month, said the measure would cut down on gun trafficking, in which a person buys a large cache of guns legally and then resells them. . . .
Same answer as above.



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