Prosecutors in Zimmerman case accidentally release a lot of personal information about Zimmerman

As if the prosecutor hadn't already released too much information on Zimmerman.  At some point this becomes a pattern of purposeful "mistakes."  From Fox News:

Florida prosecutors mistakenly released a trove of evidence in the case of George Zimmerman, including a photo of Trayvon Martin's body after he was shot to death by the neighborhood watchman. 
Evidence that was supposed to be only for the eyes of the lawyers and judge - at least throughout the discovery process - was included in documents sent to several media outlets. In addition to the photo, prosecutors released college transcripts that showed Zimmerman received a D in a criminal justice course at Seminole State College. 
Zimmerman was on academic probation at the school when he was expelled in the wake of the Feb. 26 shooting, according to the New York Daily News. 
In addition to the college grades, Zimmerman's report card was in the errant document dump. Those report cards showed he struggled with math, science and Spanish. 
The documents were accidentally included in supplemental discovery records distributed by special prosecutor Angela Corey’s office. . . .

George Zimmerman "was expelled shortly thereafter [the case got attention] due to safety concerns and the high profile nature of his case."



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