Advice on what to do in a multiple victim public shooting: "Run, Hide, Fight"

Note the sign on the door at 0:57 into the video.  "Run, Hide, Fight" isn't very good advice.



Blogger Unknown said...

Interestingly, the same video was apparently required for US Border Patrol Agents. How our nation could have sunk so low to advocate submission to criminals is just beyond my comprehension, and why such submission is considered moral over fighting back and stopping murders is simply shocking... Compels me to wonder if America will even exist in a few generations???

8/10/2012 2:35 AM  
Blogger Andrew said...

It reminds me of the school safety procedures in my highschool ('01-'05). Teachers were to lock the doors (which mostly had windows looking into the classrooms). In order to do so, they needed to get their key rings, open the door (the keyhole being on the outside), lock it, and then close it. Each classroom had three cards (red, green, and yellow) which teachers were to slip under the door to indicate something.

From the time I could drive to school, I always kept a pistol in my car (unfortunately, a bratty friend who had a tendency to grab things from my pockets kept me from being able to carry it with me for fear he'd accidentally grab it and I would get expelled). Had there been a shooting at my school, I would have sprinted to my car and gotten my pistol to try and stop it.

8/11/2012 10:10 AM  
Blogger ilovenh45 said...

What this video displayed;
A middle aged white male with a "shaved head" committing the crime.
The first one shot, the overweight white UNARMED and only security guard who noticed what was going on but could NOT do anything to stop it.
Shooter has low capacity pump shotgun that is slow to reload, no mention on how to take advantage of this.
You are TOLD "act aggressively" and "improvise weapons" not bring your own or even grab a kitchen knife even though the "fight back" scene is in the lunchroom.
they cut out the conclusion of the fight scene.
You told "not to point" then how how the HELL do they show where shooter is!?!?
All the people were crouched around the fire truck, most of them women and minorities for some reason, passive, timid and compliant and defenseless just the way the Govt wants us to be. This video will kill even more people.

8/12/2012 3:14 PM  

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