Obama claims that he really wanted to go to Wisconsin but had “The truth of the matter is that as President of the United States, I have a lot of responsibilities"

"The truth of the matter"?  Really, is Obama really serious?  He would have “loved to have seen a different result” and he was able to go and campaign in neighboring states where he had to fly over Wisconsin but "the truth of the matter" is that he was just too busy to go to Wisconsin?

This piece at Fox News documents how much time Obama spent in neighboring states.

“I’ve got a lot of responsibilities,” Obama said in answer to a question from a reporter from Green Bay, one of a handful of swing-state journalists granted four-minute, stopwatch-timed interviews with Obama on Monday.
Those responsibilities apparently include dinners with Sarah Jessica Parker and Wall Street tycoons, but not a trip to Waukesha to help out Barrett.
On the Friday before the Wisconsin election, Obama even flew over the state as he jumped from a campaign speech and three fundraisers in Minnesota to Chicago, where he spoke at three more fundraisers. Six fundraisers in adjacent states on the same day, but no time for Barrett? . . .



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