Eric Holder defends Photo IDs to get into Federal Court Houses, but sees problem with requiring Photo IDs to vote

So if requiring a photo ID is discriminatory, is it OK to make it difficult for people to have their day in court?  What if they are a witness or involved in a civil case or supposed to serve on a jury?  Isn't Mr. Holder worried that Photo ID requirements will bias the legal system?  Josh Gerstein has this at Politico:

. . . At a House Judiciary Committee oversight hearing Thursday, Rep. Dan Lungren (R-Calif.) asked Holder about the practice, which has been standard procedure at most, if not all, federal courthouses for the last decade or so.
“If I were to go to the federal courthouse here in D.C., either as a party or as an attorney, wouldn’t I have to show a government-issued photo ID?” Lungren asked.
“That’s not been my experience, here in DC. I don’t — you know,” Holder replied.
“Some federal courts — are you aware that’s required in some federal courts in this land?” Lungren said.
“I don’t know,” Holder replied.
“Is your Justice Department investigating the discriminatory effect of those laws?” Lungren asked, after citing other places where one is told to show ID, like the airport and even when visiting the Justice Department itself.
Holder said Lungren’s comparison was off the mark, because the right to vote is the “most fundamental constitutional right.” . . .
The attorney general also insisted that visitors do not need photo ID to enter Justice Department headquarters. (You’ll certainly be asked for it. Trust me.)
“That’s not true in the government. That’s not true with the Justice Department,” Holder told Lungren. “if you were to show up at the Justice Department somebody could vouch for you and you could come in to the department and we could have a very civil, I’m sure, conversation.”
“Is that right? I havent tried that with TSA. That doesn’t work very well,” Lungren shot back. . . .
Meanwhile in Chicago, "New Law Requires Photo ID To Buy Some Drain Cleaners."  Apparently, just don't buy drain cleaners at hardware stores.
 A new state law requires those who buy industrial drain cleaners and other caustic substances to provide photo identification and sign a log.The law does not apply to most drain cleaners that consumers typically buy at grocery stores, but only to high-grade industrial cleaners that are normally only sold at hardware stores. . . .

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Don't forget, photo ID for buying pseudoephedrine (sudafed).


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