Another gun free zone: Cafe Racer banned concealed handguns

A total of five people were killed by Ian Lee Stawicki on May 30, 2012 -- four were killed at the Cafe Racer in Seattle and another woman was killed as Stawicki stole her SUV.  Stawicki then killed himself.

I want to thank Dave Workman, who lives in the Seattle area, for checking out for me whether this was a gun-free zone.

UPDATE: November 6, 2012:  In an attempt to get a better picture of the front of the restaurant/bar  I had directly contacted the restaurant and spoken to someone who answered the phone named Royce Aydel (sp?).  When asked if they had allowed people to carry permitted concealed handguns in the restaurant prior to the attack, Royce responded by saying: "No! Are you nuts?"  Unfortunately, the conversation didn't continue past that point.  The only other information that I had obtained was that the restaurant/bar had reopened on July 20th, 2012 after the attack.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, as of October 2013, Cafe Racer hasn't learned the lesson of the dangers of being a gun-free zone and it has still banned permitted concealed handguns in the restaurant/bar.  The Second Amendment Check republished a list of such establishments that had been collected from Washington CeaseFire.



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