Local CBS news crew goes to gun show to catch gun owners breaking the law, and the only one breaking the law is CBS

This is a pretty funny story, though I can only assume that no one is going to prosecute CBS for breaking the law.
CBS 5 went undercover in a California gun show to look for guns that violated the state's strict gun laws, but the only people breaking any rules were the CBS investigators.
The investigation centers on the bullet button, a small button that allows users of semi-automatic rifles to quickly change magazines using a cartridge or similar tool. Under California law, assault rifles that have detachable magazines are illegal in conjunction with other parts. The bullet button allows gun owners to quickly reload and change magazines, but without using an illegal detachable magazine. 
At it's core, it's a simple matter. California made something illegal, so gun owners complied and found a different method to enjoy their rifles with the convenience of a quick reload. Things got a bit ironic, however, when CBS took a camera into a gun show. They didn't find any guns with illegal detachable cartridges, but the news crew was breaking rules left and right.
As it turns out, there are "No Camera" signs all throughout the gun show, and gun show representatives announced "No picture taking during the show" frequently throughout the day. "Hypocrisy" is the word that we're looking for, here . . .

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Blogger Unknown said...

"Breaking laws left and right," is what exactly, taking pictures in spite of the signs prohibiting it?

Would that be a State law or Federal?

And what else was there to qualify for the "left and right" description?

5/06/2012 5:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

troll mikeb:

California penal code section 632 makes it a crime to record any conversation without consent of all parties. If in a semi-public place, the parties may assume that their conversations are private if, for instance, there are signs indicating that no recording may be done on premises.

Additionally, violation above the above creates recourse for a civil liability under section 637.

Assuming that more than one conversation was recorded, then indeed state laws (above) may have been broken "left and right."


5/07/2012 11:18 AM  
Blogger Gunalizer said...

The use of a device called the MagMagnet by CBS 5, which they demonstrated by using to remove the magazine from an AR15 rifle, for potentially millions to see on television, is a potential felony. Depending on which way the prosecutor wants to go. The MagMagnet is NOT California legal in the way that bullet buttons is. They created an "assault weapon" by doing so. So yes, the title of the post is very appropriate.

5/07/2012 1:21 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

gunalizer, the title of the post refers to the CBS camera crew not the scofflaws who devised that ingenious magnet device.

5/09/2012 2:52 AM  

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