Concealed handgun permits in Wisconsin now exceed 100,000

That was certainly fast.  From the Greenbay Press Gazette:

. . . Van Hollen, speaking inside the Department of Justice room where the permits are printed, said no problems have been reported since the law went into effect six months ago, refuting arguments made by “doomsday people” concerned about legalizing the carrying of concealed weapons.
Van Hollen, who holds the first permit issued by the state, said he firmly believes that people ought to be able to defend themselves and the law empowers law-abiding citizens. But he said it may be impossible to know whether the new law has deterred any crimes from occurring.
“I don’t know that it’s safer and I don’t know that it’s less safe,” he said when asked about the impact of the law that went into effect in November. . . .
The agency had estimated 125,000 permits would be issued in the first year, but after it was issuing the 100,000th one Friday. . . .

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