More Democrat attacks on business, going after oil companies again

Democrats see the future as attacking oil companies.  From Politico:

Democrats have a “huge opportunity” to reclaim control of the debate over gas prices by training attention on the excesses of oil companies, two prominent party strategists argue in a memo obtained by POLITICO.
The document circulating among Democrats was authored by Center for American Progress Chairman John Podesta and pollster Geoff Garin, and cites private polling that confirms “Americans are tired of the stranglehold oil companies have over our national energy policy.”
The strategists reveal that a CAP Action Fund poll taken by Garin’s firm, Hart Research, found that 59 percent of Americans say they’ve suffered due to high gas prices – “with large majorities of the public assigning a significant share of the blame to the major oil companies and Wall Street speculators.”
“The fact is domestic production is at an eight-year high, domestic demand for oil and oil products is down, and gas prices continue to rise. Meanwhile the big five oil companies earned a record $137 billion in profits in 2011,” Podesta and Garin write. . . .

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