George Zimmerman makes bond

Boy, I wish that I had been able to listen to the bail hearing today.  I have read a news account available here of the hearing, but it isn't nearly the same as listening to it.  This seems to be key to me:

During further questioning by O'Mara, Gilbreath admitted that the state has no evidence who started the fight. There is also no evidence that Zimmerman didn't walk back to his car after chasing Martin on foot, as the defendant has claimed. . . .
This seemed to be the strongest response, but, without some more detail, it seems pretty weak.

However, he said that Zimmerman's statements, as well as his description of the injuries he suffered, are contradicted by other evidence in the case. . . .  "I think you don't have all the evidence," he said. "Please be patient and wait for the trial." . . . .
A new photo shows some of the harm that Zimmerman faced from Martin.

Earlier the NY Times had reported:
In the video, which shows Mr. Zimmerman in police custody shortly after Trayvon was shot, Mr. Zimmerman’s face and head show no obvious signs of injuries or blood. . . . .
Has the NY Times ever heard of someone getting cleaned up after they have been attacked?



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