Doonesbury cartoon on Norquist's Tax Pledge

Please go here for the source of this comic strip.


Blogger Chas said...

Gary Trudeau is a life-long, flaming leftist. It's the political left that has long been characterized by a headlong flight from independent thought and judgment.
The term "political correctness" characterizes their mandatory political orthodoxy, any deviation from which brings punishment from them.
They call themselves “liberal” to disguise their extremely illiberal minds, and pat themselves on the back about how generous and charitable they are, while simultaneously banning freedom and forcing the intolerance of totalitarianism at every opportunity.
Trudeau is Borg - he was assimilated a long time ago. It’s comical to hear him complain about people not being independent minded when what they’re doing is deviating from his leftist political orthodoxy.

4/05/2012 5:23 PM  

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