Could there really be 4 black conservative Republicans in the Next Congress?

This could be an extremely important development showing that racial divisions might very slowly be breaking down.  Redistricting with majority-minority districts generally forces black elected officials to be liberal Democrats, but this trend shows that voters care more about what a person believes than their race.  In the past it has been hard to elect Black Republicans because Democrats have so overwhelmingly voted against them.  Note that all the black conservative Republicans are winning in overwhelmingly conservative Republican districts.  From Politico:

the most interesting news from the Utah GOP convention was the nomination of Mia Love, the Saratoga Springs mayor who pulled an upset to claim the GOP nod in the state’s new 4th District.
The daughter of Haitian immigrants, the pro-gun, pro-life conservative would be the lone black Republican woman in Congress if she won. She’s got a good chance of winning, too: Love will have an experienced opponent in Democratic Rep. Jim Matheson but the seat is heavily Republican -- and Utah favorite Mitt Romney will be heading the GOP ticket.
Love isn’t the only black conservative with a good shot at winning election to the House in November — there’s also Michael Williams, the former state railroad commissioner who’s running for an open seat in Texas.
The rise of black conservatives like Love and Williams has tracked with the election of the first African-American president. When Barack Obama won in 2008, there were no black Republicans in Congress. Today there are two -- Reps. Tim Scott of South Carolina and Allen West of Florida. Then there’s Herman Cain, who showed surprising strength in his long-shot 2012 presidential bid before dropping out. . . .



Blogger Martin G. Schalz said...

Before post reconstruction SCOTUS cases brought about Jim Crow Laws, almost all black politicians were Republicans.

Funny how Democrats who once supressed the black vote, support blacks in order to maintain control. Then again, Dems attacking black conservatives is nothing new. Colfax massacre anyone? Then again, during and after the Civil War, Republicans were the liberal scum, according to the Conservative Democratic Party...

4/23/2012 1:45 PM  

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