Blue Bloods - No Questions

I have written on Blue Bloods before.  Tom Selleck's influence is probably responsible for the discussion at 1:30 into the program that points out some of the problems with gun buyback programs: the guns purchased are largely ones that don't work and some guns are crime guns that get purchased without question.  In addition, raising the price that you will pay for used guns actually increases the demand for new guns.  Take an extreme case.  Suppose that the government offered a $1,000 to buy guns.  People would buy every gun that they could find and then sell them to the government.  The amount offered here is $200, but the amount that you think that you can eventually sell your gun for increases how much you are willing to pay for it to begin with.

Now I am not sure what to make of the rest of the program.  A criminal gun is traced through the buyback, but doing so involved a cop breaking the rules behind the program.  Breaking those rules would eliminate the incentives for criminals to turn in the crime guns to begin with.  In any case, it turned out that a video may have let them solve the case anyway.

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