Tennessee Woman who accidentally carried permitted concealed handgun where it is ban gets misdemeanor

From the New York Post:

A registered nurse and fourth-year med student got a no-jail, misdemeanor deal today for the Tennessee-registered gun she tried to check at the 9/11 Memorial in December.
Manhattan prosecutors this morning dropped the felony gun possession charges Meredith Graves had originally been slammed with -- charges carrying a mandatory minimum of 3 1/2 years prison.
Graves pleaded guilty instead to a misdemeanor weapons possession charge, a move that she hopes will save both her gun license and pending medical license, said her lawyer, Daniel Horwitz.
"We're hoping that wherever she ends up practicing, this is the kind of disposition where licensing boards have a lot of discretion," Horwitz said. . . .
It was all just an innocent mistake, the lawyer said. Graves had come to New York on a job interview, and realized she had her small, .22-cal. handgun on her once she stopped by the memorial to pay her respects. . . .

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Blogger GEM said...

Is New York going to give back her gun?

3/21/2012 8:37 PM  

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