Blue Bloods - Women With Guns

Tom Selleck's show "Blue Bloods" has a woman carrying a permitted concealed handgun. At 38:30 into the show Selleck's character gives the woman a holster to carry her concealed handgun. There are other discussions on the show before that. At one point, this same woman notes that she is able to carry her gun in 48 states (see 12:15 into the show). This is one of the first (and possibly only) reasonable discussion on a TV show of a civilian carrying a permitted concealed handgun, though I am not sure how she is able to carry in 48 states. Not every state recognizes out of state permits, and she probably doesn't meet the residency requirements in many states to get a permit in those states.

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Blogger Left Coast Conservative said...

Even if a single license allowed one to carry in 48 states, I doubt if New York City would reciprocate. And I don't think the New York City permit is recognized in 48 states. There is a logical inconsistency here, but at least she is not being arrested for a felony.

3/06/2012 3:48 PM  
Blogger Joy McCann said...

It sort of bothered me that the implication is made that of COURSE it's okay for the Commissioner's part-time GF to carry, but not for the rest of us. ("The rest of us" is sort of implied when Jamie steals the ammo away from a young woman who's got mob connections, but might actually be in danger . . . if that didn't represent a "New York Establishment" point of view, I don't know what would.)

3/09/2012 1:25 PM  
Blogger John Lott said...

Right, but I think that the benefit is much more subtle. It shows that reasonable people turn to guns when they have to and that the police advise those that they care about to carry guns when needed. That is a big plus. I wouldn't view this as a negative. The first season also had a related show early in the season.

3/09/2012 3:38 PM  

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