Al Sharpton calls for escalating Civil disobedience if Zimmerman remains free

This looks to get worse before things improve.  If it were me, I would immediately release Zimmerman's medical records, but I understand that Zimmerman's lawyer is more worried about the legal case than about the PR aspect of things.  From the Orlando Sentinel:
If George Zimmerman is not arrested in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin soon, theRev. Al Sharpton will call for an escalation in peaceful civil disobedience and economic sanctions. . . .
The civil rights activist and syndicated television show host said he will elaborate on this plan Saturday.
"I will speak about how the National Action Network will move to the next level if Zimmerman isn't arrested," Sharpton said, who founded the organization. He added that it was the Martin family and lawyers who first asked him to get involved and nationalize this story.
The Rev. Jesse Jacksonis also expected to participate in the event. . . .
Sharpton said the recent revelations only underscores the need for an immediate arrest and trial.
"Whether he [Zimmerman] had a swollen or broken nose, neither one means he had to take a 9mm and kill someone," he said. "It's not about saying Zimmerman is innocent or guilty, this is about whether there was probable cause to arrest him." . . .
I won't quote from more of this article because I have pretty much given up hope of the media doing a good job on this story. Josh Sugarmann at the Violence Policy Center is on his hobby horse about counting virtually all defensive gun uses involving permitted concealed handguns as killings (his article is available here but please think before you click as there is little reason to add to his traffic totals).  The Zimmerman case that hasn't been decided yet has been added to the total and just goes to show how nutty Sugarmann's totals are.  

The tragic shooting of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman has rightly generated tremendous outrage across the nation. Unfortunately, an untold number of additional families across America have experienced the same heartbreak as a result of concealed carry killers armed by state laws that allow people to carry loaded, concealed handguns in public.
Zimmerman is only one example of concealed handgun permit holders who have needlessly taken lives, destroyed families, and shaken communities. New data from theViolence Policy Center as part of its ongoing Concealed Carry Killers project shows that concealed carry killers have claimed at least 402 victims since May 2007 . . . .
A more complete response is available in my book More Guns, Less Crime (the third edition is available for only $5), but I also have a response available here

I am extremely disappointed how many conservatives have added to this call.  Some of these statements have been made during just the last few days.  The amazing thing is that all these statements seem to have been made without actually even reading the police report. 

Mona Charen -- "It certainly appears that Zimmerman used excessive violence." March 30
Rich Lowry (or see this at 11:50 (for full segment) and 16:15 (for Lowry comments) into the video (the video available here can't even describe the Florida law correctly Dated March 25)
Robert VerBruggen
Heather Mac Donald
Gregory Kane

Dr. Keith Ablow has this on another aspect of the story.

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Blogger Chas said...

Zimmerman used only half the force he should have. When someone has knocked you down, and is on top of you, and is beating your head against the ground, you owe him a double-tap, at least. Emptying the gun into him to get him off of you would not be excessive force, it would be necessary force.
It's been said that if Zimmerman had been black, the nation would have not even heard of the case. That would also be true if Zimmerman had been a woman. America is ruled, not by written law, but by the unwritten political correctness of the political left, which throws outrageous temper tantrums when its precious sensibilities are challenged. George Zimmerman is being judged, not on the basis of the facts and the law, but by his race and his gender.

4/05/2012 5:47 PM  

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