Virginia Governor won't allow permitted concealed handguns on college campuses

It seems clear that McDonnell is saying that he doesn't believe that "an armed citizenry can stop problems."

Gov. Bob McDonnell would “not be inclined” to sign legislation preventing state colleges from banning concealed firearms in campus facilities, he said Tuesday.

“I think it’s unlikely a bill like that would pass and I think at this point I would probably be unlikely to sign it,” McDonnell said during an interview in his office.

Some gun-rights advocates argue that gun owners with proper permits should not be barred from having concealed handguns on college campuses. The pro-gun Virginia Citizens Defense League has staged demonstrations at Virginia Tech, Radford University and other state colleges in recent months to protest campus gun restrictions. Activists are pushing for legislation in the upcoming General Assembly session to prevent college governing boards from prohibiting concealed carry on campus.

“There is some legitimate debate about whether an armed citizenry can stop problems, whether it’s on a college campus or any other venue, but I’d have to see what the law looks like,” McDonnell said. “I would not be inclined to support that kind of legislation.” . . .

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Blogger Fait Street said...

dyI am a single mom of a 13 year old, I am 33 years old and work for my State General Assembly. Unfortunately my State doesn't feel the way I do about guns. Unfortunately my state lacks some common sense. Giving an American the right to own a gun, and conceal or a carry a gun is not only a protective measure but a scare tactic. Society's that allow conceal and carry have lower crime rates. Why? Because criminals & crack heads know that there is a chance that this person they are about to terrorize might have a gun. They are forced to think twice. Without our gun rights we are thrown to the wolves. This is how I feel. People kill people, guns don't kill people. I LOVE the teen mom that used her right to protect her new born just two days ago. God Bless her and I bet that most thieves in her surrounding area are going to think twice the next time they think about trespassing, robbing and terrorizing someone. Criminals and crack heads has access to guns, they do what they want with them while average good contributing citizens are standing unprotected because elected officials lack gun knowledge, common sense and reality realization. If someone snaps and kills they will always snap and kill the only people really getting shorted in the gun rights deal are the people who abide by the law, law entities that will not give us conceal and carry rights.

1/05/2012 10:47 AM  
Blogger be603 said...

"There is some legitimate debate about whether an armed citizenry can stop problems,..."

uhhh, seriously? Sorry Mr Governor. Not.

More Guns = Less Crime (and's its corollary "An armed society is a polite society)

1/05/2012 10:44 PM  

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