It is nice to know that George Stephanopoulos is taking the presidential debates so seriously

Do you think that Stephanopoulos had a similar bet when he moderated a debate with Obama? Should this be grounds to exclude him from moderating future political debates? From Real Clear Politics:

Colbert: OK, OK. Romney’s basically saying you’re a silly little child. And the audience is going, “We hate him, too.” What does it feel like at that moment?
Stephanopoulos: At that moment, I’m thinking, I really want to win this bet.
Colbert: What was the bet?
Stephanopoulos: Diane Sawyer bet me that I couldn’t get Mitt Romney to say “contraceptions are working just fine.”
Colbert: Really?
Stephanopoulos: I won.
Colbert: You got him to say “contraceptions are working just fine.” Even though, from the number of children he has, he has no idea how they work. . . .

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