Charles Krauthammer on how Romney should handle the Bain issue

Krauthammer's advice?

Charles Krauthammer: Number one. Never use the phrase net-net. It makes you sound like some cold-blooded capitalist.

Number two. Here's what I would do, a jujitsu on Obama, and say look, Obama and the government went in and tried to rescue GM and Chrysler. What did they do? They went in and they slimmed it down. A lot of workers lost their work. A lot of dealerships were closed. The Pontiac line and other lines were shut down. A lot of individual suffering. And that was the Democrats, that was the government. That was the people who supposedly are the ones who care about the workers of the middle-class. That's what you have to do when a business is about to go under and everyone is going to lose his job. You slim it down, make it efficient and productive, and then you save the jobs and then you grow it so that later on you add on to other jobs. Which is in fact what happened to some of the failing companies that the Bain Corporation invested in. . . .

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