Why reciprocity for concealed carry would be beneficial

This poor woman didn't understand the laws, but she was trying to do the right thing. How can NYC go for such a high penalty against someone who sought out the police? This woman will be listed as someone who lost her ability to carry concealed because of a felony with a gun. From the New York Post:

A tourist from Tennessee waltzed into one of the most secure sites in the city — and politely asked a cop if she could check her weapon.
Instead, she was dragged out in cuffs.
Now, Meredith Graves, 39, is facing at least three years in prison for thinking New York’s gun laws are anything like those in the Bible Belt.
Graves, a fourth-year medical student, showed up at the memorial on Dec. 22 to pay her respects during a trip north for a job interview.
She didn’t realize that the loaded .32-caliber pistol in her purse would be a problem until she saw a sign at the site that read, “No guns allowed,” sources said.
“She remembered she had the gun on her,” a source said. She walked up to a security guard and said, “I have this gun. Where can I check it?”
The guard told her that she was in luck because of “law enforcement day” — and led her to another area.
When she got to that section, she asked another cop, “We have this gun — can we check it in here? We [my husband and I] are not law-enforcement.”
That’s when she was arrested.
Graves, who has a full legal carry permit in Tennessee, was locked up on a weapons-possession charge and held on $2,000 bond that she posted yesterday. She is due in court on March 19.
She’ll soon find out exactly how serious New York City is about illegal guns. The Manhattan DA’s Office is pursuing a conviction on felony gun possession — carrying a minimum sentence of 3 1/2 years. . . .

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Blogger MysteryGirl said...

As far as I'm concerned, this is sheer lunacy and open discrimination. Imagine if this law applied to driver's licenses. Would we need a new license or reciprocity depending on what state line we happened to cross?

This is nothing short of an attempt to disarm law abiding citizens, and New York City should focus on armed gangs and thugs who disregard all laws and are clearly a menace to society. Instead, they've focused on someone who was trying to do the right thing, and now penalizing her with a clear political agenda. Disarm the public and only criminals will have guns.

Why aren't the OWS fleabags protesting this? Oh, yeah ....their services were paid to further the left's agenda which certainly doesn't include the 2nd amendment.

What a fallacious attempt to set an example. The "Big Apple" - now officially the cistern of a decaying society.

12/30/2011 1:43 AM  
Blogger Tom said...

Thugs openly roam the streets of The Big Rotten Apple, but let's make an example of a law-abiding citizen from Tennessee. C'mon NRA, what are we paying dues for? Go to bat for this woman and stop this disgusting anti-American garbage!

12/30/2011 7:10 PM  
Blogger DIEGO said...

Unreal, A honest citizen try's to do the right thing and this is what she gets. I will say this with respect for my friends who are cops. What they don't know won't hurt them or you. She should have walked away from the site being she might have been searched or wanded. It's bad enough as is. The thing is her carry permit does not work in other states right? That she should have known. I WON'T WALK THE STREETS OF N.Y. WITHOUT ONE BUT I WON'T GO UP TO A COP AND TELL HIM/HER I HAVE IT EITHER. The very most here should be a 500 dollar fine, Her firearm returned and that's it.

12/31/2011 7:50 AM  
Blogger Metz58 said...

The moment I realized I was being led into a trap to arrest I would have fled.Use the gun if nessarry and ran back to where it is safe.To hell with anywhere in the USA that will not allow my Constitutional right to carry.That would have made me a criminal and I would have died defending it. That is the truth and I stand by it.Try and take mine? I'll use it on you first.

1/01/2012 10:08 PM  

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