Obama pushes new regulations to stop children working on family farms

Yet, more bizarre regulations from the Obama administration.

Under the proposed rules, according to the Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation, someone under 18 would not be allowed to do many chores for a neighbor or even their own family's farm if it's set up as a corporation or a business partnership.

Today, many family farms are legally structured as corporations or partnerships.

"It could take away a lot of opportunity," said Mayer, who also is executive director of Professional Dairy Producers of Wisconsin. . . .

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Blogger Chas said...

Markie Marxist sez: "There's nothing bizarre about the regulation when one considers that we're out to destroy capitalism. Kids can work on the family farm all they want once the farm is owned by the federal government. Until then, our program of dysfunctionalizing capitalist private enterprise goes forward. Maybe we could make a rule where the kids could work if they're over the age of twelve, but no older than eleven. That works for US! Ha! Ha!"

12/01/2011 4:36 PM  
Blogger Martin G. Schalz said...

Cheese and rice! As a child, I worked on farms, and I think that it made me a better person for doing so. Learning responsibility, ethics, making money so I could buy a bicycle, not to mention learning how to drive in an enviornment that lacked other vehicles, which by not being there, I couldn't hit them!

There is nothing in this world that is 100% safe. Folks die. I do not like that, but it is the reality of life. To restrict our children from this type of work, in order to protect them from possible harm, causes more harm in the long run. How are we to continue to be the most productive food producer in the world, if we prevent our children from farming?

Hell, I'm so very glad that these clowns weren't around when I was growing up. I can imagine their reaction if I told them of my achievements as a minor. I graduated from Fire School at the age of 15. Weird thing was, I wasn't allowed to ride motorcycles at the time, but I could drive and operate a new attack pumper on fires, and did so.

Motorcycles are dangerous kid, but here's the keys to a new firetruck. Go play with that burning building over there. Weird, huh?

12/03/2011 1:32 PM  

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