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Blogger Peroni said...

Dear John Lott,

I have been reading your excellent blog for a long time now as it is part of my daily news routine each morning.

Your reporting is superb as you cover a lot of areas; and, I applaud you for your coverage on the Solyndra scandal as of late.

I do, however, feel upset that you are obviously very "anti-Romney".

While I am a staunch conservative myself, I am siding with Romney knowing that he will be the best choice to defeat Obama.

Obama is rallying his liberal base in waging class warfare, but it does not mean that by November of next year he will not attract independent voters.

The abortion issue with Romney is getting old. He addressed it nearly four years ago. He admitted his mistake on abortion; not many politicians admit mistakes.

The Romneycare subject is also getting old. Rather than looking at it as a negative, it should be a positive. He is the only candidate that dealt with a healthcare policy rather than doing nothing about it. Obama will be challenged on that.

You are a great conservative, and your intelligence is admirable. It is time, though, to go on the offensive in defeating Barrack Obama and Romney is the key.

I follow Charles Krauthammer's philosophy on this. It is time to vote with your head, not with your heart. In other words, voting for Romney is voting with your head. Voting for a truer conservative candidate is voting with your heart.

We should not jeopardize the 2012 elections in selecting a candidate that carries a big risk in losing to Obama.

Start your support for Romney in your blog.


Mickey Peroni

10/10/2011 11:39 AM  
Blogger John Lott said...

Thanks, Mickey, that is very nice of you. I admit that I have a real problem with Romney simply because he has taken too many different positions on too many issues. I have collected them during the 2008 campaign and you can find some old ones by following the Romney link. It is OK for a politician to change on some issues, but Romney is even moving during this campaign on issues such as man-made global warming. I worry that there are a lot of ads that Obama can run against him during next fall. I also worry that Romney will be hard to trust once he is in office. I would feel more comfortable even if I disagreed with him on some issues, if he just stuck to things.

10/10/2011 3:34 PM  
Blogger Peroni said...

Thanks for replying, I am really delighted that you did!

I completely understand why it is hard to trust Romney as a politician. I know he has changed views before, but he is not one to make up excuses for changing those positions. I have seen him admit his change of opinions without hesitation when explaining.

I truly think it takes guts for a politician to stand on stage, during a debate, in front of an audience, and on national television, and saying the words "I was wrong".

I cannot recall any politician making such a statement simply because politicians try to dodge the question, or justify their position or actions.

At least Romney is showing decency to people and being upfront about that.

Obama may hit him on the changing of positions by running "He flip flopped" ads, but those can only take him so far when Romney continues to hammer his economic policies. I really would not worry about that.

Romney has his flaws, no doubt. They are flaws that concern me as a devout religious conservative, as well as economic conservative. But, I am really looking at the overall picture here.

I think Perry is a closet moderate Democrat. He debates poorly. I do not like his way of not giving eye contact when talking to the other candidates. His immigration policy is very questionable, and weak. The vaccine issue with the pharm company that ended up paying him $35k looks terrible, I think. And, he will be labeled as a GW Bush-type cowboy, which means Obama will most likely win the independent votes. Obama will eat him alive in the debates.

Herman Cain's 9-9-9 plan is also questionable for the lower class, and Obama would have a field day with that. He has no political experience what so ever. No diplomatic experience. No experience in dealing with the legislature. He would make a great VP candidate. But, I side with Anne Coulter who thought it is not a good idea to hand this country in the hands of an inexperienced politician in Herman Cain.

I think that with Romney, the GOP can also win the Senate, and possibly get 60 seats as well. If so, Romney will run the conservative agenda, so I would not worry.

I am 29 years old. I have two specializations in my MBA. I am unemployed. Romney's academic background in economics is attractive. Romney turning around the Salt Lake Olympics is attractive. Romney fixing a very complex state as governor is attractive. Romney and Bain is attractive. I think he will have an impact in manipulating the economy towards improvements (not a complete fix; it's too hard now, but improvements? Yes).

I believe Romney has the best attributes to run against Obama. If Obama is going to run an ad of Romney flip flopping on abortion, global warming, or whatever other issue that is no where near the most important issues to voters, then I really am not going to care. What is Obama going to say on Romney's economic record compared to his? It is better? No.

So, to conclude this, and I do apologize for the length of this comment, I do not want to see this country risk another four years of a socialist, class warfare monger. Unless something goes terribly wrong for Romney in the next months, I have my priorities. This election is important for me and my future within the next few years. Obama must go. Obama must be defeated. Obama must be exposed as an inferior presidential candidate and all signs lead to Romney being the strongest person to defeat him. I do not want my fellow conservatives to jeopardize this upcoming election by electing the most conservative candidate that although shares our beliefs, could very well lose to Obama. Unfortunately, we are not the only voters in this country (if we were the world would be a better place).

I am really pleased that you replied. As I said, I read your blog every morning. Keep up the great work.

Take care,


10/11/2011 2:03 AM  
Blogger John Lott said...

Dear Mickey:
I have met and talked to Perry. He is not a closet moderate Democrat and I don't see any possible way you can say that. Perry doesn't change or alter his views to suit his audience, just look at the discussion on Social Security. If you go down the list of positions, Perry is much more conservative than Romney and Perry has been much more consistent in those views.
It is true that Cain doesn't have political experience, but he has had more executive experience than Obama by a long ways. If you want political experience, go for Perry over Romney.

10/11/2011 6:30 AM  
Blogger Peroni said...

Dear John,

I am truly liking this back and forth discussion and I hope you feel the same way.

I am going to go with what Ann Coulter recently stated (in regards to Christie) and apply it to Romney. Don't look at what he says, look at what he does.

Perry is justly taking Romney to task on certain issues, although his Obama/Romney care ad was way out of line in attacking a fellow Republican like that.

The difference between Perry and Romney is that one was governor in a conservative state, with a conservative legislature, and with a huge majority of conservative voters and supporters. The other governor was in an extreme liberal state, with an extreme liberal legislature, and he ran the state as conservatively as he could and it proved to be a success.

Even Christie switching his opinion on Global Warming is questionable, yet he, according to Coulter, passed a legislature that does not help the Global Warming movement.

As far as Perry and my calling of him as a closet moderate Democrat, there are issues that really bother me.

First of all, his Social Security discussion is senseless and it alienates a group of potential voters. Don't call it a Ponzi scheme when people use it to live off of it.

Second, he ran with Al Gore. I remember the Ron Paul ad, which I agreed with you, it was not right, but nonetheless, he was a Democrat and ran with Al Gore.

Third, his immigration policy is ridiculous. I have dual citizenship (Italian & US) since the early 2000s, but I guess I would have had a free education if I came illegally in Texas. That concept is an injustice. I did everything legally in the US, and I paid my costly education. Why would Perry want me to pay but not an illegal? And, he basically called me, and millions of conservatives, heartless in disagreeing with his policy.

Fourth, how can he say he supports the AZ legislature on illegal immigration when he first said "It's not for Texas"?

Fifth, he has some explaining to do on the Texas Corridor, basically a free highway for illegals to skip customs in Texas.

Sixth, how small government could he be when he used an executive order, ignoring the conservative legislature, for the required vaccines without parent consent. In other words, if I had an 11 year old daughter, he decided what to do with her medically without my decision. My daughter isn't his, but he cashed in $35,000 and overpowered my choice.

Seventh, he needs to explain his Texas hate crime legislation and how it affects free speech. Sounds something coming from Reid's Fairness Doctrine.

Perry's actions in a state that should be fairly easy to run with conservative legislature and conservative support across the state, are questionable.

I believe someone like Rick Santorum, or Michelle Bachmann, or Sarah Palin is truly conservative and would be against all of the aforementioned actions Perry took.

I am a staunch conservative and I would have never taken those actions myself if I were governor of Texas.

If Perry held the letter D next to his name and ran against a conservative Texan with the letter R next to his/her name, then I doubt he would win.

Perry is Bush v2.0, and while I liked Bush, he certainly takes partial blame for the current status in the US, and the PR damage on the GOP.

Romney's record in Mass. is impressive considering the liberal legislature he had to work with. He turned that state around and working with liberals is like trying to tell the French how to improve their red wine (yes I am biased, Norhtern Italian wine is just far superior!)

By the way, on Solyndra, I just read that Rep. Issa wants to know how and why all the billions of dollars of loans gone to these solar power companies were rushed before the Sept. 30 deadline.

Great transparency promised by Obama, eh?

Take care,


10/11/2011 1:20 PM  

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