63% of Canadians think that their economy is in "good or very good shape"

Compare this survey here to surveys of Americans:

Most Canadians appear satisfied with the way the national economy is performing, and specific personal financial concerns have subsided over the course of the past year, a new Angus Reid Public Opinion poll has found.

In the online survey of a representative national sample of 1,003 Canadian adults, 63 per cent of respondents say the national economy is in good or very good shape, while 33 per cent say it is in poor or very poor shape.

Across the country, the highest level of economic confidence is in Alberta (76%) and the lowest in Atlantic Canada (56%). Since a similar survey conducted in October 2010, the proportion of Canadians who feel the national economy is in good or very good shape has increased by 15 points.

More than half of Canadians (53%) rate their own personal financial situation as good or very good, while 45 per cent deem it bad or very bad. Also, while most Canadians (60%) expect the national economy to remain the same over the next six months, 22 per cent of respondents foresee a decline, and 12 per cent expect an improvement. . . .

By contrast, a CBS poll finds this:

Nearly nine of ten Americans think the U.S. economy is in "bad" shape--88 percent, while just one of ten thinks the economy is in "good" shape, the poll found. That compares to 14 percent and 86 percent last month and a 26/74 split in January. . . .

From Gallup:

An earlier Angus-Reid Survey of Canadians showed:

-- 56% of Canadians say economy is in bad shape (+36 since February)
-- The proportion of respondents who expect a decline in the domestic economy grew from 29% in January to 49% in December.

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