Three people murdered in Carson City IHOP

Apparently before 9 AM this morning a killer enter an IHOP in Carson City and killed three people, wounding seven others.  I am posting this story because I willing to bet that this news story has the fact wrong about the killer having used an automatic weapon.
The suspected shooter, reportedly using an automatic weapon, apparently shot himself had been clingling to life, Furlong said during a press conference. Three police chaplains have also been called in to respond to and speak with families of the shooting victims. The shooting on South Carson Street has the roadway closed at both sides of Highway 395 and at Eagle Station Lane. . . .
UPDATE: The killer himself died at the scene.

UPDATE 1/18/2013: Apparently a fourth person died from the wounds that they sustained at this attack the day after the attack

UPDATE 10/30/2015: There have been a lot of claims regarding the IHOP shooting.  Richard Bowen of Reno asked the sheriff there about some recent claims and published those findings in the Reno Gazette-Journal.

Thomas Kincaid in his letter ["Carrying doesn't boost personal or public safety," Voices, Oct. 15] claims there were 3 CCW holders in the IHOP restaurant at the time of the shooting in 2011.
This is not true.
I received the following reply from my query made to Carson City Sheriff Ken Furlong regarding this erroneous claim:
"Thanks Mr. Bowen. No, the Carson City Sheriff’s Office does NOT stand by this article/information (that is NOT contained in the final IHOP report). Based on what you’ve provided me, and I had to read it a couple of times to make sense of it, I cannot stand by the detail. What I get from this article is that someone is trying to make a point that may not be consistent with true data."
Richard Bowen, Reno

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