Obama saved us?

Note that if one looks at only nonrecessionary periods, the increase in poverty under Obama is the largest percentage increase in poverty in the year after a recession.
Source: US Census Bureau. Click figures to make larger.

U.S. Poverty Rate Climbed to 17-Year High in 2010

The ranks of people in poverty increased to 46.2 million from 43.6 million. The last time the poverty rate reached 15.1 percent was in 1993. It climbed to 15.2 percent in 1983. Median household income in 2010 was $49,445, down from $50,599 the year before. [A decline of 2.3 percent] . . .
The number of those lacking health insurance increased to 49.9 million from 49 million, or about 16.3 percent of the population, a change the bureau said wasn’t statistically significant.
The income figures declined even as the U.S. economy expanded 3 percent in 2010. Growth has slowed this year to an annual rate of less than 1 percent, sparking concern that the financial struggles of families will continue to worsen and hamper the recovery. . . .

Note that over the first half of this year real per capita personal income has actually fallen, with GDP growth being less than population growth.

Source: US Poverty Rate. Click figures to make larger.

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