GM's OnStar tracks cars and sells location information even when you don't subscribe to the service

From Autoblog:

. . . Originally, the terms and conditions stated that OnStar could only collect information on your vehicle's location during a theft recovery or in the midst of sending emergency services your way. That has apparently changed. Now, OnStar says that it has the right to collect and sell personal, yet supposedly anonymous information on your vehicle, including speed, location, seat belt usage and other information.

Who would be interested in that data, you ask? Law enforcement agencies, for starters, as well as insurance companies. Perhaps the most startling news to come out of the latest OnStar terms and conditions is the fact that the company can continue to collect the information even after you disconnect the service. . . .



Blogger Angus McThag said...

Find the VCIM, disconnect the two coax leads and plugs J1, J2 and J3. Leave J4 plugged in.

All done!

If there's a forum dedicated to your car there will be a thread about disconnecting OnStar because people have been worried about this exact thing since 2005. Looks like their fears were well founded.

9/22/2011 6:56 AM  

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