"Wisconsin 'concealed carry' gets support from cops"

This Sheriff makes the case pretty clearly.

A local sheriff's captain thinks recent criticism by a county prosecutor of the state's new concealed carry gun law is off base, asserting that the new law won't endanger police officers.

"It's not the law-abiding folks with permits that will hurt you," said Brown County Sheriff's Capt. Randy Schultz. "It's those that don't follow the law that are the ones that are going to hurt you."

Schultz was responding to a statement issued Wednesday by Sheboygan County District Attorney Joe DeCecco, who blasted state leaders in Madison for passing the concealed carry gun law. . . .

"I have yet to speak with an officer over my 22 years as a prosecutor who doesn't want as much information as possible when responding to a call or performing a traffic stop, especially if that information indicates there may be a firearm present," DeCecco said in the news release.

Schultz said that viewpoint runs contrary to standard police procedure, which is to treat everyone as being potentially armed.

"The message that law enforcement needs to keep is to approach everyone as if armed, because as soon as we look at it differently, we lose," Schultz said. "I don't approach a car on a traffic stop saying this guy is not a permit holder so he's not armed. . . .



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