Majority of Americans Against Raising Debt Ceiling

Given the massive misinformation campaign, it is a wonder that there are this many opposing raising the debt ceiling limit. A new poll from Fox News. For some reason, Obama thinks voters are misinformed on this issue, though he will selectively cite polls to support his other positions.

Voters were asked to imagine being a lawmaker in Congress who had to cast an up-or-down vote on raising the debt ceiling. The poll found 35 percent would vote in favor of increasing the limit, while 60 percent would vote against it.
Most Tea Partiers (81 percent), Republicans (76 percent) and independents (63 percent) would vote against raising the limit. Views among Democrats are more evenly divided: 50 percent would raise it and 44 percent wouldn’t.
Even though a majority opposes raising the debt limit, more voters think it would be worse for the country if leaders fail to raise the limit and don’t pay some of the country’s bills (50 percent) than to raise the limit and borrow more money (40 percent). . . .
A 63-percent majority of voters thinks raising taxes during an economic downturn is a bad idea. That’s down from a high of 80 percent who thought so two years ago (August 2009). . . .

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's not a surprise to me. I think most of us on the street realize that increasing our credit card limits only enslaves us to our debtors that much more.

7/21/2011 5:25 PM  
Blogger Martin G. Schalz said...

goldtracker: That's precisely what it does, with the exception that it is we who are stuck paying the debt.

Other countries are the creditors, and Washington Politicians are holding the credit card, and we are getting stuck with the bill, not them.

Daniel Patrick Moynihan, Assistant Secretary of Labor in 1965, published a report on welfare dependency which has ultimately proven to be correct. Welfare dependency has destroyed Black Families. With that in mind, why has it been allowed to continue unabated to this day?

Taking the above into consideration, I can see the same stupid enslavement program being attempted in this case.

The more we are taxed, the more we depend on government to dribble our tax dollars back to us in the form of entitlements, because we surely will not be able to support the huge tax burden, (or ourselves for that matter) that will result from the fiscal irresponsibility that our elected offals are engaging in.

Why is it that we see what is going on, while the offals are ignoring us?

Oh... Wait a minute! Business as usual!!!


7/22/2011 2:03 PM  

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