Arizona, Tampa and now Houston in Gunwalker scandal?

The unthinkable scandal seems to be involving more and more of the BATF.

As the months have passed since the first story of a possible gun smuggling scheme involving the ATF--the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives--hit the news in December of 2010, it has been rumored that the scandal is much more widespread than first reported. Originally it was thought that the scandal was limited to local ATF offices in Arizona, particularly the Phoenix field division. Yet the rumors persisted, and last week it was revealed that the Tampa, Florida office was involved in a massive gun smuggling scheme in Honduras.

And this begs the question, are multiple offices of the ATF involved in the gun smuggling scandal? Even more than Arizona and Tampa?

Such rumors have been simmering beneath the surface as well, and not without solid evidence.

For example, the Houston, Texas office of the ATF is now under suspicion for participating in the illegal scheme of walking guns to Mexico as information has surfaced indicating that the majority of U.S. guns confiscated in Mexico came from Houston. Mike Vanderboegh discloses the following:

I cannot overstate the importance of the Houston Field Division in the Gunwalker Scandal. The weapons found at the Jaime Zapata murder scene were from Texas. The busts in Dallas and Columbus NM are in the area of operations of the Houston Field Division. Understand that: they were not Fast and Furious busts. Yet no one in Houston has come forward like John Dodson. We have the evidence presented by Carter's Country in Houston that they were being told to let the firearms walk, yet no one in local or national media has apparently asked the hard questions of the Houston Field Division ATF management personnel.

Although no one as of yet has fully investigated the Houston office and its possible involvement with Project Gunwalker, there is mounting evidence that a smoking gun lies in wait for some astute investigative reporter to discover. . . .

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